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Blood Culture Sample Collection:-

1. Procedure for Blood culture by Automated Culture system.---

Sample can be sent in BacT/ALERT FA bottle (for adult) or pedi BacT bottle (for  pediatric   patient`s). These are provided by the Department after receiving  requisition forms with complete clinical details of the patient, signed by consulting clinician .


 2. Correct specimen collection is extremely  important when obtaining blood culture

  • Disinfect the patients venipuncture site with  70% alcohol swab or  commonly  available alcohol pad  and then with 1-2% tincture iodine.

  • Cleanse the site in  circular motion from the  center to periphery.

  • Allow the area to dry to prevent hemolysis of the specimen.


3. Procedure Of Blood Collection

  • Remove the  plastic flip top from culture bottle and disinfect with alcohol swab.

  • Blood culture bottles must be at room temperature.and  Do not write anything on the bottle. write the barcode number of the bottle on the patient,s form.

  • Draw 10 ml/bottle  of patient`s  sample (for adult) and  4ml/bottle  (for pediatric age group) and transfer it into culture bottle using aseptic technique.

  • If using Needle and syringe method for Blood collection  Transfer Blood in to ANAEROBIC BOTTLE  FIRST  then AEROBIC BOTTLE.equally (specially in case suspected SEPSIS.

  • Transport the inoculated bottle immediately to the laboratory. DO NOT REFRIGERATE THE BOTTLE AT ANY STAGE.

  • TIMINGS: Chowk—24 hrs except on last day of every month

  • Kapoorthala—8:00 AM to 9:00PM ONLY   




1.Do not overfill the bottle (maximum 10ml of patient`s blood should be   inoculated)
2.Do not shake the bottle .
3.Do not touch the bottle with blood stained hand.
4.Lower blood volumes can be used but recovery may not be as great as that obtained using a higher blood volume.
5.Please mention the latest TLC of the patient if available.